Whether you’re looking to cut back on energy costs, or want more privacy for your home, our custom solar screen window treatments can help.

At Regency Shutter and Shade, we guarantee our solar screen shades are an effective energy efficient window treatment solution for any South Florida home.

If you’re on the fence about investing in solar screen window shades, look no further than these three excellent reasons why you and your family should consider installing a solar screen patio fixture in your home today:

They’re Low Maintenance
After we install your solar screen patio treatment, the upkeep will be easy.

Our customizable solar screens are made with high quality, long lasting materials that are low maintenance, and don’t require an expensive shopping trip to keep up. You may be surprised to find out that all you need is mild soap and water.

For tackling tough spots, a soft window scrubber and mild detergent should do the trick. A thorough rinse will make all the difference.

Not only are you saving money on energy costs and cooling down your home, our low maintenance solar screen patio window treatments are one less chore to worry about.

They’re Energy Efficient

By installing window shades within your home, you’re guaranteed to save money on your monthly electric bill. Solar screen window treatments are proven to reduce cooling costs within your home, as well as control the interior temperature.

Living in South Florida, you’ll notice a major difference in room temperature after we install your new window treatments. Even the warmest of rooms don’t stand a chance against our solar screens proven to absorb and reflect up to 95 percent of UV rays, heat, and glare that enter your home.

They Protect Your Home Interior

Our custom-made solar screens are designed to protect even the most sensitive of home furnishings.

Not only do they provide privacy for you and your family, solar screens can even boost the longevity of painted walls, colored fabrics, and drastically reduce the chances of curtains, shutters, wood floors, carpets, and furniture from fading due to sun exposure.

Solar screen window treatments are also plant-friendly! In most cases, houseplants live longer with the right amount of shading compared to direct sunlight. By reducing damaging ultraviolet rays, yellowing, and water loss, your houseplants will remain safe with solar screen protection.

Oasis Solar Screen Patio and Window Shades

At Regency Shutter and Shade, we are dedicated to going above and beyond expectations and delivering only the highest quality products we have to offer our clients. Our Oasis Solar Screen Patio and Window Shades are guaranteed to cut back on energy costs and customized to fit virtually any window in your home. As a local business, we understand the value of satisfactory customer service.

Keep cool with custom Oasis Solar Screen Patio and Window Treatments by Regency Shutter and Shade. Your wallet will thank you!

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