Window treatments are a great way to keep light out and spruce up any room in your house. However, if your window coverings are outdated or worn, they can really detract from the overall allure of your home.

So, how do you know when it’s a good time to replace your window coverings?

This month, Regency Shutter & Shade brings you 5 signs that will let you know that it’s time for new window treatments.

Broken or Bent Slats

Overexposure to heat and humidity can cause serious damage to your blinds. Wood and faux wood blinds can rot, bend, break, fade, or warp with prolonged exposure to high temperatures. If you notice that your slats have a warped or bent appearance, it is probably time to start thinking about replacing your blinds.

Another common cause for bent or broken blinds is children and pets. If you have small children or a curious dog or cat in your home, chances are that your blinds have seen better days. We recommend skipping the aluminum mini blinds in this case and opting for a more durable option like our Florida plantation shutters instead.

Hard to Control

Do you find yourself having a hard time raising or closing your blinds?

This could be a sign that your blind’s lifting mechanism is damaged. If this is the case, your blinds may be close to breaking and could collapse at any moment, causing potential injury or damage to your windows. To ensure the safety of everyone in your home, replace your blinds right away. You may want to consider purchasing cordless or motorized blinds.

Staining or Discoloration

Are your window treatments no longer the same color as when you first bought them?

Sun damage from the extreme Florida weather can cause your blinds, shutters or drapes to fade over time. While this doesn’t necessarily affect their functionality, faded or discolored window coverings can stand out like an sore eye in your home.

If you are a South Florida resident, you may want to replace your blinds with a fabric shade or other window covering specially designed with UV and heat protection, like our solar screen shades.

Frayed Cords

A broken cord could result in your blinds falling out of your window or mounting. For this reason, it is important to carefully inspect your blind’s cords for signs of excessive wear and fraying.

While it is possible to replace the cords on your own, the restringing process can be very tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, if you’re your blind cords look like they are falling apart, we recommend replacing them right away.

Note: If at all possible, use only cordless or motorized window coverings in homes where infants and young children are present.

They Aren’t Serving Their Purpose

Window coverings are the perfect way to keep sun out of your home and give you and your loved ones’ the privacy you desire. Over time however, slats may not close as tightly causing light to leak through which could end up costing you big bucks on your energy bills.

If your window treatments aren’t blocking enough sun, or aren’t giving you as much privacy as you need, it’s time to for an upgrade.

Professional Window Treatment Installation in South Florida

If these warning signs seem all too familiar, it is time to consider replacing your home’s window treatments. Contact Regency Shutter & Shade today and let us enhance your home with our plantation and poly shutters, shades and window treatments. Manufactured locally at our Delray Beach location, we can help you create a custom window treatment that is right for your home.

As a local South Florida shutter and shade manufacturer, we stand by our promise to provide high-quality window treatments our clients will love. No matter your needs or concerns, count on the professionals at Regency Shutter & Shade for five-star customer service you won’t find anywhere else.

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