Amazing Exterior Shutters for Florida Homes

Sunny weather, stunning beaches, delectable food, and wonderful people make Florida a popular destination for tourists, retirees, and just about anybody who wants a relaxed and laidback life.

However, the weather isn’t always warm and cozy the entire year. The hurricane season during the latter part of the year brings strong winds and torrential rains, especially around the southeast coastline. So, those beautiful exterior shutters you see are actually a necessity for most Florida homes.

Why Install Exterior Shutters

The Florida Building Code requires residential homes to have either impact-proof glass windows or hurricane shutters. But aside from complying with local regulations, installing exterior shutters bring other benefits to homeowners.

They shield your home from harsh rays of direct sunlight. This also minimizes heat, which in turn reduces the cost of using air conditioners. Shutters with open louvers also allow trade winds to pass through the house and keep the temperature inside comfortably cool. Then, there’s also the aesthetic aspect. External shutters add character to your home and make it more visually appealing.


Match Shutter Styles with Your Home Style

Today, there are many shutter styles available and most of them can be customized to fit any specific style, color, material, or shape. In choosing the best one for your home, find the one that matches the current architectural style of your home.

Louvered Shutters

These shutters are the traditional ones you see that have angled slats. They open to either side of the window and can be closed to provide the basic level of storm protection. They come in various styles and materials with the louvers in different thicknesses, angles, and dimensions. The colors and shapes can also be customized to fit any window.

Louvers reduce harsh sunlight but still allow some light and air to pass through their angled slats. The movable slats also enable you to adjust the level of privacy you want. You can have them completely shut at night and open during the day.

This versatility makes them one of the most popular shutter styles. They are suitable for most types of homes including cottages, bungalows, Mediterranean, and Ranch styles.

Bermuda or Bahama Shutters

Like louvers, Bermuda shutters also have angled slats. However, they are hinged at the top of the window instead of the sides. They pivot up and down, creating an awning-like effect when opened. This structure helps shade the windows from harsh sunlight around noon time while letting the cool breeze inside the house. While they are great for air circulation, they partially obstruct the view from the windows. During storms, they can be shut to provide additional protection from wind and rain.

The signature tropical look for the Bermuda shutters makes them ideal for Cottage, Cape Cod, and Ranch house styles. They can be configured with substiles or wider panels to match your home.

Board & Batten Shutters

Board & batten shutters consist of several boards held together by two to three panels that go across them horizontally or at an angle. These shutters are commonly seen in historical cottages, early American colonial homes, and old European houses. Their simple construction lends a rustic Old World character to homes. They are suitable for many styles but are particularly amazing on Ranch, French Country, Cape Cod, and Mediterranean homes.

Colonial Raised Panel Shutters

For an extra level of security, panel shutters offer better protection. These look like standard cabinet doors but come with single or double raised panels. Because they do not have slats, they completely block light and air when closed. This deters intruders and protects the windows during storms and hurricanes.

With their low-profile appearance, raised panel shutters match a wide range of home styles. They can be customized to blend with your Victorian, Georgian, Colonial, Greek, French Country, or Federal house.

Solid Flat Panel Shutters

For a simpler look, you can opt for flat solid panels instead of raised ones. These have similar functions as Colonial shutters but are more subdued in design. They are perfect for modern homes with a minimalist style and for country cottages.


Where to Find Amazing Exterior Shutters for Florida Homes

There are plenty of companies that offer shutters in various styles and materials. Just make sure to choose one that has a good reputation for providing high-quality materials and excellent service.

For your Florida home, Regency Shutters offers exceptional customer experiences. They partner with creative designers, skilled artisans, and reliable suppliers so they can exceed every customer’s expectations. Check out their range of interior and exterior shutters to find the ones that match the aesthetics of your home.

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