Are Motorized Blinds Worth It?

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Are Motorized Blinds Worth It?

Window blinds can be useful to any household for practical reasons and aesthetic appeal. Blinds can protect a room against sunlight and also serve as decorative elements that can change the look of and the atmosphere in your home.

And with the rising popularity of home automation, homeowners are now opting for motorized window blinds. Making your home “smarter” is more than just a passing trend. Roughly 57% of Americans agree that smart home products, such as refrigerators, televisions, and home assistants, are useful for saving time and making home management easier. 

With that said, can motorized blinds really be a part of this list of useful smart home appliances? Here, we’ll explore some of their key features and benefits and help answer: are motorized blinds worth it?

Why You Should Get Motorized Blinds

Like many smart home products, motorized blinds are designed to provide an extra degree of automation in your house. In this case, you’ll be able to adjust the setting of your room with a simple button press. No need to manually fiddle with cords or curtains. 

This may seem like a simple proposition at first, but the true value of motorized blinds becomes more apparent in specific situations. 

Do you want to stay in bed for a few more minutes, but the room is too bright because of sunlight? Just press the button on your remote control to shut your blinds without getting up. 

Does your house have tall or hard to reach windows? You can use automated blinds to open or close them easily, even from a distance. 

Apart from convenience and comforts, motorized blinds can also provide a certain “wow” factor to your home. Having automated, visually appealing blinds can make your home seem more impressive.

Motorized blinds also come in many different styles and sizes. You won’t have a hard time finding a set that would match your home décor and suit your taste.

Common Misconceptions

Over the years, there have been a few misconceptions regarding motorized blinds. The biggest ones are those related to maintenance and operating costs. 


Contrary to the belief of many, motorized blinds are not that difficult to maintain. When cleaning these blinds, you should be careful not to damage any of the moving parts of the main mechanism. Other than this, the rest of the cleaning process is as simple as washing or rubbing off dirty spots. 

Many new models of motorized blinds are designed to be very low-maintenance when it comes to their internal components. You can easily go years without encountering mechanical failure, so long as you keep the whole unit safe.

Operating Costs

As far as operating costs are concerned, the added expenses remain largely negligible. Wired motorized blinds use very little power to operate, while battery-powered options are normally very efficient. Not only are batteries for motorized blinds cheap, but they can also last for about 12-18 months under ideal usage conditions.

Some may argue that no cost is still better, but when the advantages of motorized blinds are considered, it’s clear that the pros outweigh the cons. The benefits attached to motorized blinds make them worthy investments for homes and offices alike, providing you with extra comfort and convenience while allowing you to give your attention to more important matters.

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