Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style?

Plantation shutters, named after the manor houses on old cotton plantations, are elegant window furnishings popular across Europe and America. This centuries-old window treatment regulates light and airflow with a series of broad slats. They’re traditionally hung outside windows and constructed entirely of wood. Nowadays, you can choose to mount these lovely shutters on the outside or inside of your windows in your kitchen, bedrooms, patios, and more. 

For centuries, plantation shutters have been popular, but are they still suitable for your home? The answer is a resounding yes. These shutters are as classic as they appear and will continue to be in vogue for many years. Here are six reasons why plantation shutters will never go out of style.

Customized Look

The size of your windows, where you intend to mount the shutters, and control options are some of the factors to consider when choosing the type of plantation shutters to get for your home. You can have a professional measure and install them to ensure a perfect fit.

Be as imaginative as you like with your options. Due to their versatility, plantation shutters have become a staple in many homes. You can choose nearly any color so that your shutters can match your home’s décor. 

For contemporary-styled plantation shutters, you can choose from different styles, colors and stains, and customizable options to reflect your personality. Even traditionally styled plantation shutters come in various designs, shades, and polishes. 

There are nearly limitless ways to personalize plantation shutters. Look into tilt rod options. Check the size of the louver. Consider pairing your shutters with fabric drapes. If you currently have wood shutters and wish to upgrade them, simply replacing their old pieces will instantly improve the look of your windows. In addition to options for customization, you can also look into getting plantation shutter repair parts to help you refurbish your shutters. 

Energy Efficiency

One of the key benefits of having plantation shutters is energy efficiency. This is something to keep in mind if you’re undertaking home renovation projects on a budget.

Plantation shutters are designed in such a way that they’re sealed to the frame of your window, thus reducing energy loss. They keep interior air from escaping while also keeping exterior air from entering your home. This means that plantation shutters are able to keep the heat in during colder months and make your home cooler in the warmer months. 

The energy-efficient benefit of these types of shutters can dramatically reduce your electricity bill regardless of the season.

Easy Maintenance

Contemporary plantation shutters are typically made of sturdy materials like wood, metal, and PVC. Peeling or cracking won’t be an issue because they’ll continue to be durable for many years. As a result, frequent replacement isn’t necessary and you won’t have to search the internet for “plantation shutter repair near me.” 

Plantation shutters are simple to care for and maintain. You don’t need to buy a special cleaning agent. A few spritzes of water and a clean cloth, such as wool or cotton, would suffice. There’s also no need to wipe or dust them every day.

Plantation shutters are ideal for families with children or people constantly on the go due to their ease of upkeep.

Extra Security

The easiest way for someone to break into a home is through the windows. Plantation shutters create a physical barrier to lessen this risk. You may also add locks to the shutters, so they’re even more secure. 

Also, if you have children or pets at home, you don’t have to worry about long drapes, hanging cords, or curtain rods. Plantation shutters don’t have any of these materials, making them a safer option if you have pets or children.

Curb Appeal

If you plan to sell your home, you need to step up your curb appeal game before inviting potential buyers for viewing. Plantation shutters add instant curb appeal because they have a dignified, timeless look to them. The soft lighting coming through their slats can charm prospects to make an offer during an open house. 

Light Control

Plantation shutters surround the window frame on all four sides. Because of how they’re attached, the light that enters your room is decreased. 

That’s why regulating the amount of light that enters your room is easy with plantation shutters. You can adjust the shutters and leave them moderately open for optimal lighting. And because shutters manage light dispersion better, you’ll use less artificial light, saving you money.

If you’re worried about plantation shutters going out of style, relax. With their versatile design and the various options available for customization, plantation shutters are here to stay. At Regency Shutter & Shade, you can learn more about different window treatments. With our years of knowledge, we can assist you in selecting, designing, and installing plantation shutters that will add value to your home.

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