Generations upon generations of people have relied upon window shutters to provide privacy and protect them from the outside elements. Shutters have a long history of protecting windows on the outside, but that’s just because they have developed quite a bit over the last few centuries. Originally shutters were designed for the interior of a house instead of glass windows, as most people couldn’t afford glass. So where did Shutters actually originate from? 

Getting More Into The History Of Shutters

Where Do Shutters Originate From?

It’s up for debate where shutters originated. Way before anyone even thought about glass windows, it’s been supposed that they first appeared in Ancient Greece in order to provide light control, ventilation, and protection in a tropical climate. Shutters originally were made from marble, but as time went by, shutters began to spread across the Mediterranean, and wood began to replace marble as the material of choice. 

Shutters Across Europe

Over 500 years ago, during Elizabeth I‘s reign, it was common for homes in England to have solid wooden shutters. Glass was luxury and relatively expensive during that era, leaving people to only cover half of the window opening with glass. The lower half of the opening was covered with shutters to block out light and to provide some protection against the cold English winters. During that time shutters as well offered some protection against thieves, and it was common practice to lock the shutters by using a large iron bar. 

Time progressed and around the 1700s, people began two install two glass windows in the opening. Exterior shutters became more popular and were especially prevalent in Victorian England as thinner walls made of timber became a feature in new houses. Thinner walls made it possible to reach out of the window to open, or close shutters and it became a much more practical option

In many European cities, you’ll still see many houses where shutters are still in place or once were. 

Shutters Spread Globally 

As the colonization of the Americans took place, shutters were brought to the New World. They began to become ever more popular among the affluent classes, particularly in larger houses and mansions, as they were viewed as a status symbol among the wealthy. The term ‘plantation shutters,’ became popular due to the nature of shutters on cotton plantations. These shutters were usually painted white and, most of the time, were wider than other shutters popular at the time. 

Shutters Today 

In today’s day and age, you rarely see people’s homes with just shutters and no glass on the windows. Of course, this is because glass is affordable and having just shutters and no glass doesn’t keep your house as insulated or cool! 

Nowadays the range of shutters available is enormous, with interior window shutters being the most common. There are endless materials and styles to choose from for shutters and all depend on what the individual can afford and the look they are trying to go for.

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