South Florida: a land of sunshine and beaches. While many love the natural sunlight, it’s terrible for your home and furniture. Ultra Violet light can bleach your carpet and make your vibrant colors fade over time. They also cause obstructing glares on your computer and TV screens.
When you live in South Florida, the Sunshine State, it can be difficult to keep sunlight out of your home. Here at Regency Shutter & Shade, we’ve decided to compile some benefits that you can reap from switching to solar shades for your home.

Options for Opacity

Solar shades are wonderful because they block both light and heat, two things that Florida residents have in abundance. Manufacturers assemble them with a polyester weave that filters Ultra Violet rays. This pattern can vary from fabric to fabric, resulting in an “openness percentage.” The number refers to the tightness of the solar shade’s weave; the higher the number, the easier it is to see out of the shades.
Each room in your home might have entirely different sun-blocking needs based on its use and location within the house. Solar shades come in a variety of openness percentage levels or opacity.
At lower levels of opacity, the shade features tighter weaving, which lets less UV through. Rooms that tend to face the sun can benefit from lower percentages. They’ll tend to have a lower temperature and will take less AC to regulate. If heat is less of a factor for a room, you can use a higher openness percentage to block sun glare and keep a great view.

Heightened Durability

Two of the biggest concerns for consumers is how long their window treatments will last and how much maintenance they require. Solar shades are durable enough to hold up against Florida’s heat and humidity. These vinyl-coated fabrics contain a polyester weave, often with a PVC coating to increase the lifespan of these shades.

Reduced Cooling Bill

In Florida, AC is a necessity, not a luxury. Thus, most residents spend a lot of money keeping their homes cool. Solar shades can save you money. Thanks to their ability to block heat and glare, your air conditioning unit will require less energy to cool your home.
The darker the solar shades, the more heat will be absorbed. Lighter fabrics do the opposite and reflect the sunlight, making them ideal for lowering your cooling costs. If you’d like to keep your bills down, consider using a lighter color shade.

South Florida’s Window Treatment Experts

Selecting the right window treatments for your home can be difficult, but you can make ensure that you install treatments that suit your needs by doing some simple research about your different options.
Regency Shutter can help you pick out the perfect window covering for your home or office. We offer a wide variety of custom and brand name shutters, shades, and drapes at affordable prices that fit your budget. From Hunter Douglas roller shades to custom drapery: No matter your needs, our team is here to help.
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