roman shades
July 23, 2020

Are Window Roman Shades Right for My Home?

Are Window Roman Shades Right for My Home? Custom, floor-length curtains can elevate ordinary spaces, giving them depth and a splash of sophistication. Although timeless and elegant, they aren’t ideal…
What Are Plantation Shutters
June 22, 2020

What Are Plantation Shutters?

What Are Plantation Shutters?  A USA classic, plantation shutters are an elegant and practical addition to any home. However, with many different styles of shutters on offer, the exact definition…
How To Clean Plantation Shutters
June 18, 2020

How To Clean Plantation Shutters

How To Clean Plantation Shutters  One advantage of plantation shutters is how easy they are to maintain. But the question still arises of how best to do this. After all,…
May 20, 2020

Do Window Blinds Block UV Rays?

We’re all aware of the danger of UV rays and use precautions, such as hats and sunscreen when we go outside. But have you ever considered the danger of UV…
May 12, 2020

Choosing the Right Opacity for Solar Shades

Solar shades are a great interior décor choice—especially for those living in hotter climes. Such a window feature provides a multitude of advantages, ranging from the practical to the environmentally…
April 16, 2020

How to Clean Curtains

Curtains might not come at the top of your weekly cleaning chores, but to keep them in tip-top condition it’s necessary to give them regular TLC. The following is an…
April 7, 2020

The Best Window Treatments for Allergies

Suffering from an allergy can make your life a misery. One way to help ease symptoms is to consider various aspects of home décor, including that of window treatments. The…
February 22, 2020

Plantation Shutters Cost & Where To Buy Them

Plantation shutters vary in cost depending on the size of the windows to be dressed, the material used, and the quality of the construction. Any window treatment cost is usually…
February 17, 2020

Are Window Shutters Energy-Efficient?

With growing awareness as to how our personal choices impact the environment, it makes perfect sense to consider this when carrying out home improvements. Regarding window treatments, you may well…