window cleaning
September 12, 2019

4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Windows that Shine

It’s that time of the year again— spring cleaning time. There’s nothing worse than opening up your drapes or shutters to find smudged, streaky windows. Use these four window cleaning…
Solar Shades
September 12, 2019

Keep Cool: Benefits of Solar Shade

South Florida: a land of sunshine and beaches. While many love the natural sunlight, it’s terrible for your home and furniture. Ultra Violet light can bleach your carpet and make…
Custom Window Treatments
September 12, 2019

3 Reasons to Choose Custom Window Treatments

When choosing new window treatments for your home, you may wonder about the differences between store-bought options and custom-made window treatments. Are custom window coverings worth the extra money? This…
Roman Shades
September 12, 2019

3 Benefits of Installing Roman Shades

New window coverings are the perfect way to instantly transform the look and feel of any room. But, with so many window treatment options available, how do you choose? Roman…
Shutter care and maintenance
September 12, 2019

Shutter Care and Maintenance Tips

Plantation shutters offer a prime balance of both decoration and function to any home. Oftentimes, plantation shutters establish the character of a home, or merely add the finishing touch to…