Motorized Shades and Blinds
January 17, 2020

How Do Motorized Blinds Work?

If you’ve been out shopping for blinds, you may well have asked yourself how do motorized blinds work? Well, there are a few different ways. Many motorized blinds are battery-powered.…
french doors window blinds
December 23, 2019

Window Blinds For Doors

If you’re on the lookout for window blinds, the first step to take is to make a note of what kind of doors you have or which doors you want…
window shutters in bathroom
December 19, 2019

Window Treatments That Work Best For Bathrooms

The ultimate in window treatments for the smallest room in the house is something that needs a little contemplation before choosing the ideal solution. By nature, the environment in a…
beige roman shades
November 19, 2019

Window Treatments That Block Out Light

Why Window Treatments are Necessary For a Good Nights Sleep From a very young age, we are built to be naturally responsive to light. Our melatonin production is high, especially…
Motorized shades
October 14, 2019

The Benefits Of Motorized Blinds

As we all move forward into a more tech-oriented future, each simple household adornment will see upgrades to improve the user experience and utilities they serve. Window shades are among…
Window Shutters
October 14, 2019

Types Of Window Treatments For Your Home

Creating a warm welcoming environment in the home is key to maintaining an organized mind and achieving an overall sense of well being. Everything from the placement of the furniture…