Can I Put Plantation Shutters in a Bathroom

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Can I Put Plantation Shutters in a Bathroom?

Plantation shutters are undoubtedly the most versatile treatments for windows. They can be used almost everywhere, and they add elegance to even the drabbest room. It’s no wonder that they’re popular among homeowners and renovators.

It might seem silly to ask whether you can put these practical window coverings in your bathroom. However, it’s actually a fairly common question that people have. The following section tells you the benefits of getting plantation shutters and whether you can install them in your home.

Can I Put Plantation Shutters in My Bathroom?

The short answer is: absolutely, yes. Plantation shutters are actually perfect for dressing bathroom windows. Unlike curtains or drapes, they don’t retain moisture and become musty after some time. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, which helps avoid dust and microorganisms that cause allergies.

Still not convinced? Here are a few other reasons why plantation shutters are perfect for the bathroom:

  • They give you privacy while letting light in. With plantation shutters, you can easily adjust the louvers so that you get just the right balance between privacy and natural light.
  • They help you save money. Because they allow natural light in, plantation shutters are energy-efficient and help lower your electricity bills. On colder seasons, they can also be closed tightly to keep the cold air out.
  • They provide good ventilation. When you’re taking a warm shower, you can open your windows to let the steam out but still maintain enough privacy. The shutters allow air to flow in and out freely to prevent your bathroom from smelling musty.
  • They’re relatively hygienic. All you need is a damp cloth and your favorite cleaning solution to wipe plantation shutters clean. This prevents harmful bacteria and molds from growing.
  • They fit your window perfectly. Plantation shutters are fitted directly to window frames. This eliminates gaps and holes where other people can peek through.
  • They’re not affected by the wind. Since shutters are directly attached to window frames, they don’t billow when there’s any breeze. You can keep the louvers open without risk of getting exposed by a sudden gust of wind.
  • They are stylish. Plantation shutters come in various designs, colors, and materials. They can be customized to match your existing décor, instantly sprucing up your home.

The list can go on, but it boils down to this: there are many perks to plantation shutters, and you can’t go wrong if you install them in your bathroom. The key to making them last longer is in choosing the right type and style.

Which Type of Plantation Shutters Should I Use in the Bathroom?

Because bathrooms are humid, any fixture you place inside is bound to be constantly exposed to water and moisture. This is why when considering which shutters to get, water-resistant materials are a must.

Vinyl shutters are highly weather-resistant and work great in high-moisture areas. They don’t contain any wood particles, but they may come with PVC or aluminum supports. Being among the cheapest materials, they’re cost-effective options for those on a tight budget. However, they may need replacing after a few years or so.

Another option, which is also more affordable than real wood, is engineered wood or faux wood. This is a composite of hardwood and softwood residuals with wax and a resin binder. It’s more commonly called an MDF. Plantation shutters made from MDF are wrapped in vinyl or PVC coating to make them weather-resistant. They look a bit more classy than standard vinyl ones, but they may also require changing after several years of wear and tear. 

Of course, nothing beats the elegance of real hardwood. It may be more expensive than other materials, but it’s sure to withstand a lifetime when maintained properly. Moreover, real wood can easily be painted or stained when you want to redo your decors.

Whichever material you choose for your bathroom, make sure that it can withstand plenty of splashes and constant humidity.

High-Quality Plantation Shutters Last a Lifetime

Without a doubt, plantation shutters are worth the investment. They’re beautiful, functional, and practical window dressings. To get the most out of them, choose only high-quality ones and seek help from window treatment professionals. With proper maintenance, your plantation shutters can last a lifetime.

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