Can Roman Shades Be Cut to Fit?

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Can Roman Shades Be Cut to Fit? 

Roman shades are invaluably practical, versatile, and easy to use as window coverings. With a simple cord or with the press of a button, roman shades can be drawn up into crisp, even stacks or pleats of fabric, keeping everything neat and tidy to the eye.  

Roman shades come in a variety of styles, too. It won’t take long to find prints and colors that go with your sofa set, for instance—whether you’re looking for bold, modern patterns or something vintage in look and feel. 

But before you nab that full set off the rack, make sure you have your measurements ready. Pre-made roman shades are often cut to a set of standard sizes. Many are built for the average width of a typical window. 

If these standard dimensions don’t suit your needs, you’ll need custom roman shades that can be cut to fit your windows. But first, consider the following:

1. Where to hang your roman shades

There are two ways you can mount or hang roman shades

Homeowners can opt for an “inside mount,” where the shades are hung within the window frame. This mount allows light to shine through the edges or outline of your roman shades. It’s ideal for areas that homeowners like to keep bright and airy, such as the kitchen or living room.

Conversely, roman shades can be hung to cover the entire window to block out as much light as possible and ensure total privacy. This is called an “outside mount.” 

There’s no hard and fast rule to choosing where to mount. Interior designers recommend mounting above the frame to create the illusion of higher ceilings. But if the window frames function as an architectural feature or as accent pieces in your home, you may want to stick to an inside mount instead. 

Take note that an outside mount will open up your options for sizes and cuts to choose from. Inside mounts may call for custom roman shades instead, as the fit has to be particular to the size of your windows.

2. Your window measurements

Measure your windows once you’ve decided where and how to mount your roman shades

If you’re doing an inside mount, you need to measure your window frames to their exact specifications. Use the smallest measurement from left to right within the frame as your width, and the longest measurement from the top to the bottom of the frame as your height. 

If you’re mounting from the outside, measure width starting from the outer edge of any molding or casing around the window. Add around three inches to the resulting number. 

Then, choose how high you want to mount your roman shades on the wall and the length you want them to be. You can mount just above the window or closer to the ceiling. Measure the allotted space to determine the height you need your roman shades in. 

3. Type of fabric and lining

Your choice of fabric affects how well your roman shades can stack and fold up. Too light a fabric and they’ll droop and crease; too heavy and they’ll be difficult to pull open. 

Roman shades are usually made from medium-weight fabrics like linen, cotton, and rayon. Linen is often the fabric of choice—it’s firm and sturdy enough to be drawn into crisp and tidy folds. It’s a versatile textile too, one that can adopt a multitude of prints, dyes, and patterns.

Linen, though, is also absorbent. In high humidity, linen roman shades may begin to sag after some time. 

Cotton and rayon are also commonly used to make roman shades. Some homeowners prefer cotton for its hypoallergenic properties. Others yet may prefer rayon, opting for its lighter and thinner structure. 

Custom roman shades may be the better choice for homeowners who want fabrics other than the norm. That being said, make sure to stick to medium-weight textiles. 

Take the lining into account as well. The type of lining in both pre-made and custom roman shades affect how much light can come through. 

Roman shades with blackout lining can keep spaces as dim and cozy as possible. A privacy lining, on the other hand, can let in more light whilst keeping the indoors from view.


You can look up the standard size charts for roman shades to check if you can buy them pre-made for your home or if you need further customization. 

Keep your measurements on hand. Be sure to choose only from designs and fabrics available in the right cut and size. 

Speak with a trusted window treatment company if you need custom roman shades to meet all your needs. 

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