Can You Still Open Windows with Shutters?

Like all window treatments, picking the right type of shutters is necessary if you want to maximize their use. One top consideration is finding the shutter style that will allow you to open your window panes for cleaning or increasing ventilation.
To enjoy such access, you have several options: find the correct shutter frame, mount tracked shutters, or go for exterior shutters which you install outside your home.

Matching Shutter Frames to Your Type of Window
To ensure that you can open your window even when you have shutters installed, you need to know the various shutter frame options available for the type of window you have.
Shutter frames are the structures that your shutter panels hinge onto. They also attach to your window opening. Here are some frame types and the kind of window they can work with:
Outside mounting
If you have single-hung or double-hung windows that tilt inward, you’ll need outside mounting that you can attach to the wall or trim around your window’s opening. You can also attach an outside shutter frame for awnings or casement windows, which usually have molding around them.
Tier-on-tier shutters would complement double-hung windows. Since the top and bottom panels move independently, you can preserve your privacy when you want to open the top pane of your glass window by keeping the lower tier closed. However, these shutters are quite versatile and can be applied for concealment even for single-hung or casement windows.
Inside mounting
You can apply inside mounting for your awnings and casement windows if you have a recessed window with enough depth. Otherwise, the shutter panels will hit the crank lever and locks of your windowpane. A left-right-top frame is particularly advisable for awnings as it gives you clearance at the bottom of the window, enabling you to push out and open your windowpane.
A frameless, panels-only shutter installation, which can be attached directly to your window casing, is another alternative for easy access to your tilt-in windows.

Use Tracked Shutters for Wide, Sliding Windows
These shutters feature a top-mounted track, though some models also have a bottom track. They’re great window covers for wide windows with sliding glass panes.
There are two types of tracked shutters:
Bypass system
This model is composed of at least two panels that you can slide past each other to open and close.
Bi-fold system
This model features several panels held together by hinges. Folding like an accordion, you can slide and push the panels to one side or split them evenly to either side of your window.

Take Advantage of Functional Exterior Shutters
Exterior shutters provide a layer of protection for your glass windows against bad—or even extreme—weather and intruders. The rustic look of some styles, such as board and batten shutters and Scandinavian (cut-out) shutters, can also lift your home’s curbside appeal.
Outdoor shutters are another viable choice if you wish to have shutters that will let you open and adjust your glass panes when you need to. Slatted Bahama or Bermuda-type shutters can be raised and lowered from inside the house. There are also motorized versions of this and other types of shutters.

We Can Customize for Easy Window Pane Access
Regency Shutter creates window treatments that fit well, enhance the look of your room, and conveniently allow you to adjust your glass window panes. We use computer numerically controlled technology to make shutters according to your exact specifications. Moreover, our wooden shutters come in a variety of stained finishes while our solid core poly shutters are made of a durable, weather-proof paint finish. For shutters that are customized to meet your ventilation and cleaning needs, contact our team today.

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