Do Plantation Shutters Keep Light Out Better Than Regular Blinds?

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Do Plantation Shutters Keep Light Out Better Than Regular Blinds?

One of the most commonly asked questions about plantation shutters is their ability to shut out the light. While they can’t provide a true and total blackout, they are one of the ultimate options for great light control.

 In addition to discussing the benefits of plantation shutters, we also consider what other room darkening solutions can be combined with them if you require a complete blackout option. 

All About Plantation Shutters 

  •     Light control
  •     Plantation shutters vs. regular window blinds

Light control

The design of plantation shutters, with slats that you can angle as you wish, allows you to let in as much or as little light as you choose. The angling option also means you can let light flood the room without compromising on privacy.

While they won’t block out all light when in the fully closed position, plantation shutters do create a very dark environment. Because they’re fitted into or lie completely over the window frame, they do this far more effectively than any other type of blind.

Plantation shutters vs. regular window blinds

When you compare the light-blocking qualities of plantation shutters with other types of window blinds they present the best option. As well as the integral fitting aspect that we’ve already mentioned, the solid construction of plantation shutters blocks a far greater level of light than fabric or Venetian blinds

Other advantages they offer are durability, easy cleaning, and the ability to seamlessly meld into virtually any style of décor. 

Complete Blackout Solutions 

  •     Plantation shutter combinations for total light blackout
  •     Other advantages of plantation shutters

Plantation shutter combination for total light blackout

For anyone who needs a total blackout option, the combination of plantation shutters with another solution is a truly stylish option. However, if you’ve not yet had the experience of how much light these shutters provide, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. For those who desire complete darkness, the following three are very effective: 

  • A shutter/curtain option 
  • Shutters with integral blackout blinds
  • Placing blackout blinds behind the shutters

Used together, these combinations will cover most of the areas through which each typically fails to block the light stream. For blackout blinds and fabrics, this tends to be from around the sides or through any cord holes. With plantation shutters, light can seep through the gap between the frame and the panels, as well as between the louvers themselves. 

Other advantages of plantation shutters 

Plantation shutters are one of the most durable and practical window treatments available. They add value to your home and are a very effective cooling option, thanks to providing a physical barrier to UV light, solar heat, and the entry of warm outside air into the property. 

Another advantage is for those who suffer from allergies. We’ve already mentioned that they’re easy to keep clean, but this is further enhanced thanks to not trapping allergens, such as pollen, dust, and animal hair. 

Last, but certainly not least, we consider the aesthetics aspect. Plantation shutters are an elegant addition to any home—no matter how traditional or contemporary. They can be produced to fit any shape or size of windows, whatever the shape. In fact, the only windows they don’t suit are those that tilt. Apart from that, plantation shutters are perhaps the most versatile of all window treatments.

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