Do Window Blinds Block UV Rays?

We’re all aware of the danger of UV rays and use precautions, such as hats and sunscreen when we go outside. But have you ever considered the danger of UV rays pouring through the windows into your house? Not only is this a very real risk to you, but they’re also the culprits that cause your furniture and interior décor to fade.

So the big question is, do window blinds block UV rays? In a nutshell, the answer is yes. But they’re effectiveness depends on the type of material the blinds are made of. We discuss some of the different choices on offer and the situations they might best be suited to.

Window Blinds that Block UV Rays

  •     Solar shades
  •     Cellular window shades
  •     Fabricated roman shades
  •     Blackout blinds

Solar shades

The ultimate choice for blocking UV rays is that of solar shades. These custom-produced options come in different opacities—in other words, how much light they allow through. This can range from a gentle defocusing of the outside world through to blocking out virtually all-natural light.

Solar shades are great choices in sunrooms, dark areas that require natural light for ambiance, and any other rooms where you want to ensure a degree of privacy and prevent the harmful IV rays from entering. 

Be aware that solar shades need to be paired with another window dressing if you require complete privacy as if you’re sat inside during darkness with the lights on then it’s possible to see in from the outside.

Cellular window shades

Cellular window blinds block up to 99 percent of UV rays, offer complete privacy, and provide great insulation. One great advantage of such shades is that you can choose a day/night option that combines two fabrics—both sheer and blackout— in a single shade. That way you have the perfect protection and ambiance 24/7.

Such window dressings are well-suited to many areas of the house, from offices to kitchens, and can be produced in colors and patterns that will suit every type of interior decoration.

Fabricated roman shades

The classic appearance of roman shades is a popular choice, especially in bedrooms, on landings, or at windows close to entrances and exits. These (and other) types of shades can be motorized and automated to open and close at the necessary times to block sunlight and the elements. 

Blackout blinds

Blackout blinds provide the ultimate method of blocking UV rays, as they prevent any light or glare entering whatsoever. Good locations for these include home cinema rooms and bedrooms.

Don’t Forget Skylights 

  •     Skylight window blinds to block UV rays

Skylight window blinds to block UV rays

 The nature of skylights is to flood a room with light. But this also means a huge amount of UV rays are allowed to enter the home. Choosing a fabric, such as an opaque solar blind or blackout blind, that you can close when the sun is directly overhead might be an option. Or you might prefer to use a slightly less drastic fabric that diffuses most of the unwanted UV rays but still allows an element of natural light to create the required atmosphere.

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