How are Motorized Shades Powered

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How are Motorized Shades Powered

Motorized window shades are game-changers in the home decor industry. Combining the versatility of smart technology with the comfort of functional interior design, these window treatments can be customized and installed to fit virtually any window or door in your home. But with all the available choices, choosing the right one can be a little tricky. In this article, we will explain the benefits of transitioning into a motorized window treatment, and we’ll help you identify what to look for when selecting one. We’ll also discuss why learning how they are powered is extremely important when making your choice. 

Improving the Classic

First, consider why homes need shades and blinds at all. Window treatments are great for protecting your furniture and indoor decorations, especially if you live in a sunny area, as sunlight can bleach floors and ruin delicate paintings. Window treatments can also add to your home aesthetic. A properly installed window treatment can immediately transform your home into a stunning space. 

But, what happens when homeowners have hard-to-reach windows or doors that need to be covered? Most of them end up leaving these areas bare. In cases where they were actually able to install a blind or shade on these spots, adjusting them whenever they want may also be hard. So, they resort to seeking help from an interior designer or a local handyman to change the blinds or shades, which is an additional expense. 

This is a challenge that using motorized shades may help address. These window treatments enable you to make adjustments at your discretion, regardless of the time of day.  Motorized window shades offer a combination modern technology with cozy living. By transforming your home into a smart one, you immediately receive the benefits of a convenient lifestyle. These window coverings are great solutions for hard-to-reach windows or for people who have limited mobility. 

Reducing Costs Conveniently

Reports show that properly installed window treatments can reduce heat gain and loss by as much as 77%. They can act as both insulation and an air barrier, controlling heat loss and gain. The clever use of blinds and shades can help keep your house cool during hot weather or warm during cold seasons. Using them is extremely beneficial for people who live in hot and humid locations, such as South Florida, but is also ideal for winter.  

Window treatments will enable you to limit or do away with air conditioning or heating, which can drastically reduce your utility bill. In fact, even the the Department of Energy agrees that using window shades is an economical hack and can save consumers hundreds of dollars annually. 

Operating on Long-lasting Battery Power

Motorized window treatments usually need to be installed with wire. However, this can become problematic in the future. Wires can potentially snag and become unsightly to look at. 

The ideal option for homeowners is to find a window treatment that uses battery power instead. Look for motorized window shades that can be accessed through remote. 

It is essential that you look for this when choosing the correct window treatment for your home. Remember that an added benefit of window coverings is a reduction of heat gain and loss in your space, but only when they are installed properly. You should also consider finding a provider that offers exact measurements for your window or door. As with faulty wiring, an overly large or too small window treatment would not add value to your home or help you cut costs. 

Motorized window treatments that are installed and powered by wire are potential safety hazards. While they may work perfectly for a few years, wire coatings within the window covering may wear thin and become exposed. 

Regency Shutter & Shade

A quick internet search of “motorized shades near me” would generate hundreds of companies claiming to have the most efficient treatment. Nevertheless, look for a company which has been awarded for their motorization design. One example would be Regency Shutter & Shade and their PowerView® Motorization, which won the 2018 Red Dot Design Award, the most prestigious designation in the world of design. 

Regency Shutter & Shade offers wireless installation of their motorized window shades. With a simple push of a button, homeowners can immediately change the mood of their room and keep temperatures in check. Through their innovative motorization design, the treatments offered at Regency are able to adjust themselves automatically, creating a comfortable ambiance each and every time. 

While motorized window shades are a good option for your home, selecting the right one takes more research. Always select a brand that takes your needs into account and offers stylish and convenient designs.

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