If you’ve been out shopping for blinds, you may well have asked yourself how do motorized blinds work? Well, there are a few different ways. Many motorized blinds are battery-powered. Battery-powered blinds are often the most straightforward option to go for, they are easy to install, and the batteries are easy to replace. 

Other motorized blind options to consider are hardwired blinds; these are a great option if you don’t want to worry about changing the batteries in the blinds but will require the expertise of an electrician. Solar-powered motorized blinds also provide a great option as they are located right next to the most prominent natural power source of all: the sun!

Benefits Of Motorized Window Blinds 

Motorized Blinds solve the problem of you never having to pull a cord as you would on a traditional blind. Never again will you get your cords in a tangle and potentially damage your blinds. With a motorized blind, all you have to do is press a button or flick a switch and watch it open effortlessly. 

One of the first benefits that spring to mind of using motorized window blinds is longevity. When motorized blinds are used, there is no chance of cords getting tangled, which is common with traditional blinds and window treatments. 

Motorized blinds alleviate the frustration at trying to open a blind only to find that the cords get tangled or the blind gets stuck in a certain position. With none of this occurring, your motorized blinds will last longer, and your window treatments won’t be damaged. 

As motorized blinds are cordless they also have an element of safety that traditional blinds don’t. This takes away the risk of an accident occurring, especially in an environment where children and pets are present.

Motorized blinds also give you greater control of light efficiency in your home. Many blinds will allow you to set specific times of the day to open and close windows, which can maximize lighting efficiency. Having your house full of natural light at certain times of the day can also help you lower your monthly bills, which is a win for everyone!

Motorized blinds can also help you wake up. You can program your blinds to open in the morning, and there’s no better way to start the day than to wake up to the sight of natural light. When the day draws to an end you can also program your blinds to automatically close at the end of the day. 

Where To Buy Motorized Blinds In Florida

Regency Shutters are the go-to place for Motorized Blinds in Florida. Regency staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have about motorized blinds. Many motorized blinds and shades require wired installations, but Regency also offers a range of battery-powered motorized blinds for your perusal. 

For more information about our motorized blind options please call Regency Shutter & Shade at (561) 279-2336.

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