Interior window shutters are a beautiful addition to any home. And thanks to their simplistic look they work as well in period properties as they do in the trendiest of modern homes. When considering which would best suit your situation there are three main areas to be considered:

  • Shutter style
  • Wood vs. Poly
  • And, of course, the all-important aspect of cost

Shutter Style

Plantation shutters are the most common style. These have wide louvers (slats) that can be opened and closed as you need them. This style of shutter is often fitted inside the window frame.

A variation on the plantation shutter is the “West Coast.” They differ in that their louvers and panels are much bigger. They suit large windows, typically those around five to six feet in height.

The third type is known as cottage shutters. These look similar to shutters you tend to see on the outside of windows and are attached to the inside of the window frame on hinges. The louvers are smaller than that of the other styles.

Wood vs. Poly

Once you’ve decided on the style of shutter you prefer, it’s time to think about the material. Wooden shutters are classic and elegant, come in all shades of wood stain or can be custom-painted in the color of your choice.

The alternative and one that’s especially popular in hot climates are poly shutters. These have a solid polypropylene core with a durable paint finish. Be aware that some companies might use a filler or particle board in the construction. Whilst this can, in the short term, be cheaper, such construction leads to an inferior product that’s prone to yellowing and cracking. Poly shutters block virtually all UV rays when closed and provide great energy efficiency within a house.


Price always plays a part in any home improvement, and this, of course, applies to your choice of window shutters. Those made of wood tend to be the dearer of the two, costing around 20-30% more than poly.

Reasons To Install Window Shutters

Apart from the timeless beauty, they add to a home, installing window shutters also increases the value to your home. Both wood and poly shutters can be customized to fit even the most awkward of windows and their installation creates an instant makeover.

When choosing shutters for your home it’s vital to ensure that you select a company experienced in both the manufacturing process and installation. Regency Shutter and Shade is a Florida based company that’s been entrusted by customers for over four decades to provide a complete window dressing service. Their expert team will welcome you at their Delray Beach showroom or visit you for their free shop-at-home service.

In addition, Regency’s wooden and poly shutters are all manufactured in Delray Beach, FL, guaranteeing local craftsmanship and no extended wait times. From style and material choice right through to the manufacturing and installation process, Regency’s professional staff work with you for the ideal window solution, and are as passionate about your home design as you are.