How to Clean Curtains

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Curtains might not come at the top of your weekly cleaning chores, but to keep them in tip-top condition it’s necessary to give them regular TLC. The following is an easy guide to ensuring curtains remain beautifully fresh and the finishing enhancement to your carefully designed home décor.

How to Clean Curtains: A 3-step guide

  •     Step 1: Regularly clean surrounding areas
  •     Step 2: Vacuum the curtains
  •     Step 3: Get steaming

Step 1: Regularly clean surrounding areas 

No matter what type of curtains you have, the most important task is to clean the surrounding areas—weekly is ideal. This is because the bottom edges of the curtains are usually the first to become a little grubby, simply because they rest on the windowsill or are close to the carpet/floor, areas where dust tends to settles.

Dusting and vacuuming the sills and floor means you’ll reduce the amount of dust and dirt that transfers to the curtains and linings. 

Step 2: Vacuum the curtains

All types of curtains can be vacuumed. Use the small brush attachment on your machine and gently brush over from top to bottom. Don’t forget to do the back as well.

Step 3: Get steaming

Wrinkled curtains? Invest (or hire) a handheld steamer and do the following:

      Close the curtains

      Vacuum as in step 2

      Once the steamer has heated up, work from top to bottom of the curtain in large sweeping movements

      While the curtain is still damp, create neat fold lines in line with the natural hang of the curtain

To Wash or Not to Wash

  •     Washing options
  •     How to wash curtains 

Washing options

Not all curtains are suitable for washing. Velvet, wool, silk, brocade, etc. shouldn’t be washed (the fabric will shrink). Some of these can be dry cleaned instead, but always take professional advice before doing so.

How to wash curtains 

For curtains that can be wet washed, this is how to go about it.

      Determine if the curtains are to be washed in the machine or by hand. Again, if you’re not sure, take professional advice

      Take them down and remove all hooks and weights

      Loosen the curtain header

      Rinse through with cold water

      If washing in the machine, use a gentle cycle

      If washing by hand, use a large bowl of warm water with the appropriate powder. Gently swirl the curtains in the water. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze out excess water

      Both hand and machine washed curtains should be hung to dry

      Iron while still slightly damp to remove creases

How to Clean Curtains with Mold or Stubborn Stains

  •     Removing mold
  •     Removing stubborn stains

Removing mold

Windows that regularly attract condensation can cause mold on the lining of the curtains. This can be problematic—it’s challenging to remove without causing the fabric to discolor. The key is to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

      Keep the room well ventilated and warm

      Open windows when possible

      Use a dehumidifier

      Consider replacing single glazing with double glazing

Removing stubborn stains

If, after vacuuming, your curtains still have marks or stains, you can try the following:

      Soak a clean cloth in warm water and gently rub the stain

      Don’t use detergents or harsh stain removers as you run the risk of discoloring the fabric

      If this fails, take professional advice

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