What is Motorization?

At Regency Shutter and Shade, we offer our clients the ability to motorize most shades available in our custom window coverings collection.

Our motorization services provide a solution to those with limited moment by taking away the challenges that come with manually operating shades.

Whether you’re tired of struggling with hard to reach windows or just want an easier way to create a mood for a room, remote controlled shades offer a variety of benefits for clients interested in taking their home to the next level.

4 Benefits of Motorized Shades

Convenience: Simultaneously control every shade in a room with the push of a button. With motorized shades, you’ll save time and energy without ever leaving the comfort of your couch.
Natural Alarm: Set your motorized shades to open and let in the light when it’s time to wake up in the morning. You’re guaranteed to start your day off right with a beautiful, sunny wake-up call!
Eco-Friendly: Motorized shades give you the power to go green with complete control over the amount of light that enters your home. Make your home more energy efficiency with solar power, insulating your home and installing automated window treatments.
Increase Your Home’s Value: Eco-friendly features that improve a home’s efficiency while maximizing functionality are desirable traits to future home buyers. Not only do motorized window treatments cut back on energy costs, they also increase your home’s value.
Motorize Your Home with Regency Shutter & Shade

Reap the benefits that motorization has to offer with custom window treatments by Regency Shutter and Shade! From integrated home automation to radio frequency and infrared technology, our team of experts are here to motorize the right shades for your convenience.

Regency Shutter and Shade is pleased to offer both hard-wired installations and battery powered motorization. Browse our selection of Hunter Douglas, Somfy, and Unique products available. Let us create the perfect motorized shading system for your home!

Schedule a free consultation with us today! Call 561-612-3183 for more information on how we can motorize your home, and help save you time and money with custom shades by Regency.

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