Plantation Shutters Cost & Where To Buy Them

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Plantation shutters vary in cost depending on the size of the windows to be dressed, the material used, and the quality of the construction. Any window treatment cost is usually determined by the price per square foot, and whether or not you take advantage of a “buy and fit” service or choose to carry out the installation yourself.

How Much are Plantation Shutters?

  •     Material choices
  •     Average prices

Material choices

After the size of the windows, the biggest aspect that determines the cost of plantation shutters is the material they’re made from. Shutters can be made from the following materials:

  • Wood: Typically that of basswood, thanks to its strength, fine texture, and ability to withstand the elements.
  • Faux/composite wood: Cheaper than wood, made from wood composite and wrapped for durability. A popular choice as they have virtually the same appearance as real wood.
  • Vinyl/PVC: A durable and long-lasting option.

Average prices

For the average house, plantation shutters cost between $1,450 to $3,360 to dress all the windows. If you have a larger property with multiple windows then the cost might be higher. Faux wood is the cheapest material, followed by vinyl, with the most expensive option being those made from wood.

Where to Buy Plantation Shutters

  •     Specialist contractors
  •     DIY options

Specialist contractors

Due to the potential for error in measurements, plus that added difficulties of any necessary frames on which to anchor and level the shutters, many people take advantage of a specialist window dressing contractor to supply and fit plantation shutters.

Correct installation is somewhat of an art, especially when frames are necessary, and for larger, heavier shutters.

DIY options

For those who’re adept at handyperson tasks, the DIY approach might be of interest. You’ll need to accurately determine the square footage of the windows, as well as ensuring you have the correct fixings (hinges, screws, closures, caulk, etc.). Be aware that even small shutters can be heavy, so this should be a two-person task.

Another option is to have an expert shutter service measure and manufacture your bespoke plantation shutters, and then self-install. Alternatively, you can purchase basic shutters from outlets if you’re confident in the measuring process, and then pay for a window treatment specialist to install them. 

The average price for this is between $100-$200 per window (or between $20-$45 per square foot) for a professional service.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

  •     Pros and cons 

Pros and cons

Plantation shutters are a classic window treatment, one that stands the test of time and goes with virtually every type of décor.


  • Durable: One of the hardiest window treatments there is, far exceeding that of blinds or curtains.
  • Add value to the property: The cost of plantation shutters is offset by the return on your investment. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also add purchase appeal should the time come to sell your home.
  • Added privacy: The ability to fully close the shutters increases the amount of privacy afforded to your home.
  • Natural cooling: It’s possible to open the window behind the shutters and then angle the slats to direct the airflow, as well as drastically reducing the “greenhouse effect” through the glass. Such shutters were used in hot climates way before air conditioning was commonplace for this very reason.
  • Practical: Forget unwieldy blinds or messy strings. Plantation shutters are simple to use and easy for those of all ages to operate.
  • Gorgeous décor: Thanks to the choice of colors and paint options, they can be tweaked to beautifully complement any kind of décor.
  • Reduce allergy risk: For anyone who suffers from pollen allergies, asthma, or similar, reducing the amount of fabric in a room (from blinds and/or curtains) means less place for allergens to collect.

The disadvantages are few, but include:

  • The price: Large windows can represent a significant outlay. 
  • Length of time for construction: Bespoke shutters will need to be made according to your window sizes, which can take up to eight weeks on average.
  • They don’t suit all windows: Some windows don’t work with interior shutters, such as those that tilt.

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