Roman Shades

Benefits of
Roman Shades

Here are some reasons why you should choose them for your home:

  1. Light control

Roman shades are made of one piece of fabric with no gaps for light, unlike blinds with tilting slats. You can also choose a light-filtering shade that allows soft light to brighten your room. 

  • Insulation

Depending on the thickness of your fabric, Roman shades can help regulate your home’s temperature by preventing heat and cold winds from entering your room. It’s also good at containing the heat or cool air flowing from your HVAC, reducing your energy bill. 

  • They’re customizable.

With custom Roman shades, you can select the fabric, color, and design to either match the theme of your furniture set and space or spruce up an otherwise drab room. Your choices also depend on your preferred level of privacy and light filtering.

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Why Choose
Roman Shades?

Roman shades are a beautiful option for your windows if:

  • You feel overwhelmed by curtains and drapes.

Roman shades don’t appear as heavy as cloth window covers, which can darken rooms or upstage your windows. They look minimalist even with rich textiles.

  • You want a classy but low-maintenance window dressing.

Unlike traditional curtains or a roller shade, Roman shades fold into even pleats when raised. This makes them look streamlined without much effort. At the same time, the folds give your window a sense of depth.

Some Roman shades use cords to pull them up or down while others come motorized. People with arthritic hands will find these mechanisms easier to handle than tilt wands used in blinds. 

Most of these shades usually require spot-cleaning only. However, a vacuum cleaner or duster will be most effective for getting rid of dust or pet hair that’s settled on them.

  • You don’t have room for stack back. 

The stack back refers to the amount of space that cloth curtains or drapes will occupy when you push them open on one or both sides. Since Roman shades move vertically instead of horizontally, they won’t require additional space when you raise or lower them.

  • You need shades for small windows.

You can install Roman shades on cottage windows, attic windows, and skylights because they aren’t bulky.

  • You want shorter window treatments that pets or children can’t reach. 

Young kids and four-legged companions can rub against, try to pull or even climb long curtains. You can minimize or eliminate this by installing Roman shades.

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How to Find the Best
Roman Shades Near Me

Do you know that bamboo makes a good material for Roman window shades? Bamboo Roman shades come in different hues and finishes, adding a unique and exotic touch to a room. They can blend with various types of interiors, from farmhouse to traditional Victorian. They will also stand out when installed on bow and angled windows as well as sliding and French doors, an, you can hang them behind light cloth curtains for added texture. Because the natural weave of bamboo Roman shades permits filtered light though, you’ll need to add liners to them for more privacy.

The bamboo’s water-resistance and heat tolerance make it suitable for use in your patio and exterior spaces or high-humidity areas such as bathrooms. It’s easy to clean and long-lasting as it doesn’t fade or warp.

Are you looking for customized bamboo Roman shades? Regency Shutter & Shade makes these types of shades from our Delray Beach site. We’ll be glad to build and install the best window treatment for you. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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