The Best Window Treatments for Allergies

Suffering from an allergy can make your life a misery. One way to help ease symptoms is to consider various aspects of home décor, including that of window treatments. The following discusses some options and provides advice as to how to minimize the number of allergens within the home environment.

Allergy-Free Window Treatment Options

  •     Wooden or poly shutters and blinds
  •     Roman and solar shades
  •     Vertical window blinds

Wooden or poly shutters and blinds

Wood or poly shutters are an excellent choice, as they’re easy to clean and any accumulation of dust will be very obvious. Go for the widest slats possible, as this further reduces the risk of dust build-up. Not only are such shutters practical for allergy sufferers, but they’re wonderfully pleasing on the eye as well.

This style of window dressing can be custom-created to fit any size or type of window.

Roman and solar shades

Such screen-type shades come in manual and motorized options and can be manufactured in a variety of materials. However, they do require very regular cleaning, as dust and spores can congregate in the folds This is easily carried out by vacuuming from top to bottom. 

The advantages of both roman and solar screens are that they block the heat and UV rays from entering the room, yet still allow a level of natural light. Great for well-being, and a perfect option for those in hot climates.

Vertical window blinds

If the accumulation of dust needs to be reduced as much as possible then vertical window blinds are a good choice. The can be easily vacuumed or cleaned with a damp cloth—and they’re elegant and pleasing on the eye too.

Top Tips to Allergy-Proof your Windows

  •     Cleanliness is key
  •     Close windows
  •     Air purifiers and window caulking
  •     A word about curtains 

Cleanliness is key

The first and foremost fight against allergies is to keep window dressings spotless. Vacuuming is a great option as the dust and allergens are removed directly. If dusting you should first wipe down with a damp cloth to remove the majority of dirt—remember that dusting dry simply agitates spores into the atmosphere.

Don’t forget to clean the windowsills and surrounding areas, as well as the windows themselves. You can keep these clear of dust mites and mold spores by wiping down with a 5% bleach-to-water solution.

Close windows

Keeping windows closed during certain times of the day and/or year, while not removing allergens completely, can help keep the home a safer place. This might include:

      Early morning: When the trees, plants, and grasses are most actively releasing pollens

      During the night: When conditions can be more humid (and therefore conducive to mold and dust mites). This is more evident during the early hours when dew might appear

      During warm weather: This is especially relevant during times of high humidity as dust mites and mold love such conditions

      When rainy and damp: Again, mold spores will multiply during such times

Air purifiers and window caulking 

HEPA filtration air purifiers can really help. Place near a window as it’ll help reduce contaminants before they get the chance to circulate throughout the house.

Keep an eye on caulking around the windows.  As it degrades over time cracks appear, creating an entry point for allergens. As a rule of thumb, replace every seven years or so.

A word about curtains

Thick, heavy curtains, or those that can’t be easily cleaned, are dust magnets. Therefore, these are not a recommended window dressing for allergy suffers. If you do have curtains then they should be washable, and it’ll be necessary to practice stringent cleaning on a very regular basis to remove the allergens that will undoubtedly become trapped in the folds.

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