Sliding glass doors scream out for beautiful window treatments. Such a wide expanse of glass is best suited to styles that traverse horizontally, so allowing for ease of use, gorgeous aesthetics, and—of course—great practicality.

The following are some of the gorgeous bespoke options that add the perfect finishing touch to the décor of any room.

  • Gliding window panels: This is a wonderfully contemporary look, and works especially well with doors of a wide expanse. Sometimes called sliding panels or panel track blinds, they can be created in a virtually unlimited range of colors and fabrics. Other choices include the use of a variety of light control, such as complete blackout, solar, or light filtering to match individual requirements.
  • Curtains and drapes: Don’t dismiss the traditional, because clever use of fabric and tone makes for a contemporary twist on an old favorite. Smaller doors are well covered by the elegance of a single curtain, whereas two drapes that are drawn inwards are a superb option for larger doors. The classic pleats of curtains add a real softness to the décor and, if you need further light or temperature control, adding a thermal or blackout lining manages this nicely.        
  • Sliding shutter panels: Nothing is quite as stylish as gorgeous white or neutral colored plantation shutters, creating a bright, modern look in any room. These slide effortlessly across, and can, if you wish, be supplied with extended tracks so they can be pulled back to reveal the complete expanse of the sliding glass doors. This option allows for excellent light and temperature control, as the louver shutters can be fully or semi-open as required.                    
  • Sheer vertical shades: A kind of hybrid between curtains and blinds, this delicate style works well in both neutral and bolder shades. They’re made from multiple vanes, allowing the opportunity to tilt them to allow in light or close them completely for added privacy. Whichever way they are, the nature of the material allows a certain amount of light through, making them a great choice for rooms that are lacking in other openings for natural light.                     
  • Vertical cellular shades: Clean and modern, these shades boast vertical pleats, allowing the ability to retract and expose the whole glass door. These are a great option for those who need to provide insulation—being both warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer months.

Of course, the materials used have a massive impact, and Florida experts, Regency Shutter & Shade, are the ideal source to discover the perfect bespoke solution for your décor. From beautiful natural materials, such as reeds, woods, or bamboo, through to unique woven fabrics, bi or tri-folding doors, or even materials with an aluminum finish, there are options to suit every style and taste.

Gone are the days when there were only a few choices for covering sliding doors. From bespoke window shutters to the boldest of shades, the only limits on what can be achieved for gorgeous window treatments are those imposed by your imagination.

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