The Future of Window Treatments

With the rise of remote working, the home has become more and more central to people’s lives. It’s no surprise then that window treatments have become part of homeowners’ efforts to update their interior spaces, so they can feel more inspired and productive.

Window treatments are primarily meant to protect you, your family, furniture, and walls from the sun, cold weather, and prying eyes. But they also have their aesthetic purposes, such as enlivening a plain or blank wall and extending the height of a room. Like in the fashion world, new trends are springing up in window treatments that can give your living spaces a more modern look. Let’s check out some of the latest ideas.

Layered Window Treatments

Layering refers to combining window covers of different types. Hard treatments like wooden shutters can go with soft treatments like sheer curtains for a romantic look. Rolling shades can be a base and layered with cloth curtains. You can also partner sheers with drapes, opening the latter during daytime and closing it at night. Another option is to layer three light curtains instead of using one heavy drapery.

Sheer, Neutral Colors, and Natural Fiber

Bulky and blackout-type curtains can make rooms look smaller and may even cause people to feel claustrophobic. Sheers can produce a sense of lightness and spaciousness that are calming to the eyes.

Meanwhile, muted or neutral colors that share the same tone but not the exact shade of the furniture in a room can add a touch of elegance besides creating a feeling of warmth and softness. Subtle earth tones, such as stony grays, warm greens, shades of rust, cream, and off-white, are also expected to make their way to many windows this year.

Amid the popularity of using sustainable materials, current interior design favors natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, bamboo, or soft wool with natural dyes.

Botanical Prints

Colors and designs close to nature, including floral, tree, and leaf prints, are in vogue this season. Designers recommend medium to large-sized realistic or fine art prints.


Interior designers are aiming for a polished look in which hardware and fixtures are slim or hardly seen. Others suggest the use of hard window dressings, such as roller and screen shades, that are recessed into the ceiling or walls. Additionally, plantation shutters or blinds in gray wood grain are recommended instead of dark wood and all-white.

·        Shutters and blinds

Horizontal blinds or plantation shutters conjure a traditional, cottage-like atmosphere. They can blend with most interior designs and raise your home appraisal value besides helping you with light and privacy control. Natural wood and moisture-resistant products are now available, so you can even use them in the bathroom or kitchen. The current trend is moving toward sleek and practical styles. Expected to attract interest are stained and painted wooden blinds, bamboo and rattan creations, structures with unique vertical and horizontal slats, pleated blinds, and vertical blinds with customized photo-printing.

·        Roller and Roman shades

These quietly sliding canvases will continue to be a staple interior accent due to their neat and graceful folds and ease of use. Emerging favorites include flax, burlap, and natural textiles and canvases with contrasting or decorative edging. Meanwhile, light gray, brown, green, blue, orange, and golden tones are becoming the most appealing color choices.

·        Solar and cellular shades

Solar shades are widely used among commercial establishments due to their different opacity levels and options to use colors and print designs that represent a company’s motif or logo. But there are a growing number of home-use brands.

Cellular or honeycomb shades create a warm glow in your interior. Manufacturers are coming out with wider pleat styles, which will delight homeowners and decorators who are drawn to these shades’ appearance and functionality. They can retain warmth during cooler months and prevent humidity during summer.


Window treatments are fast becoming a part of smart home systems. Many types of blinds are equipped with motors that allow you to open or close them via a switch or remote control. Raf curtains, automatic blinds (vertical, horizontal, and pleated), and app-enabled window coverings are growing in demand among homes with wide windows and patio doors. Some brands have even launched mobile apps that let you schedule the opening and closing of window covers.

Outdoor shades

Retractable outdoor shades will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. They can shield porches and patios from harsh sunlight, wind, insects, debris, or nosy neighbors and passers-by. New options include manual retractable or motorized solar screens, awnings, and roofing systems.

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