Creating a warm welcoming environment in the home is key to maintaining an organized mind and achieving an overall sense of well being. Everything from the placement of the furniture to the architecture of the house itself affects the mood of those living within. How we let light into the home matters greatly in the quest to reach our perfect level of comfort, and in the window treatment industry, the wide selection of stunning window shutters continues to grow. Through comparing the different window treatments on the market, you can determine which set fits each room according to your desired aura. Here are a few examples of the different types of window treatments for your home.

Solar Screens

If you have massive windows that face the blazing sun, you may want to consider utilizing shades that protect against UV rays. Solar screen shades are both a protective and beautiful measure which can be customized in a range of ways. Aside from color selections, one can also select the opacity of their shades to allow as much or as little sun as needed. For those concerned with protecting their skin from the sun, solar screens are the way to go. 

Plantation Shutters

Available in poly or wood, plantation shutters are a great way to add a rustic essence to a room. While most manufacturers create weak poly shutters that crack easily, Regency Shutter guarantees their customizable poly plantation shutters are warp resistant. For wood options, shutters can be customized according to the interior furniture to provide a consistent color scheme. These kinds of shutters are extremely durable, so they will surely last many years. 


Nothing says ‘luxury’ like a drapery set made of the highest quality fabric. But what fabric will you choose? That’s half of the fun, as Regency Shutter offers thousands of drapery options to suit your taste. Select your color, material, and sizes to add a soft touch to any room you place your draperies. 

Shapes & Motors

During the process of selecting your window treatments, you can also add certain enhancements to make your experience as great as possible. Motorized blinds which can move at the click of a button are becoming more and more popular because they’re easy to install, and they make life so much easier during leisure time. Lastly, the shaping of your window shutters can be customized to match your exact window sizes, so don’t forget to adjust wherever possible. 

Arguably the most important part of selecting window treatments for your home is your ability to customize the installation to the highest degree. Customization not only adds a personal flair to your interior design, but it creates a huge level of control over the potential to match colors and styles. Regency Shutter provides customizable window shutter options to reach the creative balance you’d like to hit. Whether it be solar shades, plantation shutters, or rollers, take advantage of the awesome variety of premium window treatments Regency Shutter has to offer.

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