What Are Plantation Shutters?

What Are Plantation Shutters? 

A USA classic, plantation shutters are an elegant and practical addition to any home. However, with many different styles of shutters on offer, the exact definition of this type of blind has become a little blurred.

The following explains everything you need to know about this popular form of window dressing. 

What are Plantation Shutters? Origin & benefits 

  •     Plantation shutter blinds: the basics
  •     Where do plantation shutters come from?
  •     The benefits of plantation shutters

Plantation shutter blinds: the basics 

Plantation shutters provide window coverings with multiple horizontal slats—often referred to as ‘louvers’. These sit in a frame, which is then fixed to the window sill or door frame. The slats can be angled, meaning you can choose from complete window coverage to fully open, giving total flexibility as to how much light can enter the room.

Where do plantation shutters come from? 

The southern states of the US are generally attributed to the origins of plantation shutters—the name itself is taken from the grand houses on sugar and cotton plantations where they first became commonplace.

However, more accurately, the mantel has to be given to the Ancient Greeks who first used a form of such window coverings to provide relief from the intense heat of the day. 

The benefits of plantation shutters

These are numerous and include: 

  • Temperature control: The ability to block light and hot air from entering a property provides an effective measure to keep the interior cool during hot days. Conversely, on cooler days, it helps prevent heat loss. 
  • Draught excluders: This is especially relevant with single glazing, as closing the slats can reduce draughts through doors and windows.
  • Offer privacy: Because you can choose the angle at which the slats sit you can allow light to flood into the room without allowing people outside to see in.
  • Provide security: When the windows are open plantation shutters provide a barrier to keep children and pets secure inside. They also provide an extra barrier against opportunists who might take advantage of an open window.
  • Reduce noise and light pollution: Closed shutters dull sound from outside and, when closed, minimize unwanted light. This makes them an excellent choice for bedrooms, as well as for downstairs living areas.
  • They look fabulous! There was a very good reason the wealthy loved this form of window covering, They truly compliment all types of building, from colonial right through to uber-modern designs.
  • They add value to a property: Plantation shutters are a sought-after feature. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they help instill the air of a well-cared-for property, so increasing the desirability factor.

What are Plantation Shutters Made Of? 

  •     Plantation shutter materials
  •     Plantation shutter styles

Plantation shutter materials 

Plantation shutter blinds are most commonly produced in fine wood or polyvinyl. Both have their advantages and tend to come down to personal preference. The latter is a good choice for bathrooms or other areas that sit close to a water source. Both only require dusting for general maintenance.

Plantation shutter styles

This choice of window dressing is extremely flexible, depending on your requirements. Some design choices include:

  • Full-height: As the name suggests, full-height plantation shutters cover the whole of the window. Pleasing on the eye, the clean lines are great for a minimalist look. 
  • Tier-on-tier: A versatile option whereby the upper and lower panel can be individually adjusted. This means you could, for example, have the bottom tier closed and the top one open.
  • Café style: This is where the shutters are fitted only to the bottom portion of the window.

Or… Get as creative as you like and have a bespoke design created.

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