Where to Buy Bamboo Blinds Near Me

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Where to Buy Bamboo Blinds Near Me 

Bamboo blinds are natural window coverings that can add warmth to any home. They are recommended for homeowners who want to let some natural light into their space while protecting their privacy. They are affordable, beautiful, and suit most interior designs. 

Why buy bamboo blinds

Aside from their natural beauty, bamboo blinds may help lower utility bills. They can block around 65% of the heat that flood from an open window. Having custom blinds mounted as close as possible to the window increases their efficiency. 

Bamboo window blinds are also water-resistant. This makes them a great option for patios, although installing them inside homes would be better for their longevity.

Some considerations before purchasing bamboo blinds

Before seeking out a window treatment company for your bamboo window blinds, consider which room or area you’d want them in. Bamboo blinds work best in rooms that have a lot of natural light. They are usually set up in dining rooms or reading rooms with wider window frames. 

Bamboo blinds also come in different shades. If you are planning to use these types of blinds for your bedroom, look for darker and thicker options. These can block out more light. Take note though that even the darkest shade of bamboo window blinds might still allow some light to pass through. 

If your bedroom faces the east, you may want to opt for a blackout liner that can help shut out more light. This would be especially useful if you’re a light sleeper or need to sleep during the day. 

Another thing to note is that bamboo blinds are more challenging to clean. They cannot be machine-washed and may pick up dander and dirt faster than normal fabric window treatments. They need to be brushed carefully with a feather duster or soft cloth every few weeks. This is an important consideration because dirty or dusty blinds can trigger allergies. 

Bamboo window blinds may likewise not be the best option for children with asthma or people with highly sensitive noses. 

Lastly, it is important to remember that most bamboo blinds use a cord with a cleat lock to raise or lower their shade. This is part of their appeal as simple but beautiful window covers. Nevertheless, that type of control mechanism can be prone to snagging or breakage. Improper pulling may cause the cord to snap. 

Parents with small children should include this factor in their decision-making process before purchasing their bamboo window blinds. That being said, there are window treatment companies that can make custom cordless bamboo blinds.  

Finding bamboo blinds 

Bamboo blinds are made from natural fibers and are therefore more rigid. It is recommended that you buy bamboo blinds that fit the exact measurements of your window frame. Remember that bamboo blinds have slits that allow sunlight in, so it is important that the window treatment exactly covers your window frame. 

If the cover is too small, its usefulness diminishes. If it’s too big, it would look unsightly. This is why interior designers encourage homeowners to look for a well-known window treatment company that offers high-quality bamboo blinds that can be customized to their specific needs.

Regency Shutter & Shade has been providing excellent window treatments for residents in South Florida for many years. Their custom shutters and window treatments are made to suit your design preferences while still giving the right amount of coverage. 

The team of experts at Regency will help you decide where to mount your bamboo blinds. They will also cut the blinds to fit your window frame precisely. 

Aftercare of your bamboo blinds

Bamboo blinds need to be lightly dusted every few weeks. This removes excessive dirt but also extends their lifespan. It is suggested to use a feather duster or a piece of soft cloth. Some vacuum cleaners may be used, but you would need to use the lowest speed to avoid damaging the blinds. 

If possible, try clean them thoroughly once every season or at least twice a year. Bamboo blinds are sturdy, but try to be gentle when you dust them. Do not attempt to bend the blinds. It is also not advisable to polish them with oil, as this may attract more dust. 


Bamboo blinds are versatile window treatments favored by eco-minded designers and homeowners. Because they are made from natural material, bamboo window blinds should be purchased at the same time, especially if they are meant for the same room, to avoid any color discrepancies. They should be customized to fit window frames exactly. Bamboo blinds can complement almost any decor and provide long-lasting beauty.  

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