Why Are Window Blinds Better Than Curtains?

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Why Are Window Blinds Better Than Curtains?

While personal preference will always determine whether you want to dress your windows with curtains or blinds, many swear by the advantages of blinds. The following looks at some of the reasons you might choose these over traditional drapes and curtains. 

5 Reasons to Choose Window Blinds 

  •     Advantages of window blinds: from style to privacy

Advantages of window blinds: from style to privacy

Choosing window blinds over curtains has many plus points. We look at 5 of the main reasons why so many people have made the leap from the traditional to the contemporary with great success. 

  1. Window blinds come in a tremendous choice of styles: Venetian blinds, roller blinds, motorized blinds, pleated blinds… The list is long, and that’s before you’ve even begun to consider patterns and colors. You can go as modern or as traditional as you like, the choice is yours. It means that no matter what style your décor, there’s a complementary window blind to go with it.
  2. You get great light control: Fully open, halfway open, just a crack at the base. You can remain in the dark or let the light flood in as much or little as you choose. It also allows you to partially lower the blinds to block direct sunlight at certain times of the day. Blackout blinds can also be used—a huge advantage to those who might work the night shift and need to sleep during daylight hours.
  3. Save energy, save money: Blinds fit snugly into the window opening, so helping to insulate the room. Combine that with energy-saving material and you further enhance the blind’s insulating properties. Not only will your home stay cooler/warmer but you’ll benefit from the related reduction in heating or cooling costs as well.
  4. Window blinds last a long time: Blinds offer great longevity—they truly stand the test of time. They remain fresh for many years and their simplicity also means they can withstand room makeovers and décor changes and still provide the right ambiance.
  5. They offer great privacy: Depending on the type of blind you choose, you can let light into the room without compromising on privacy. This is one of the biggest advantages that blinds have over curtains.

A Word About Window Curtains 

  •     Combining traditional window curtains with window blinds

Combining traditional window curtains with window blinds 

Of course, no rule says you have to have one or the other. Many fine homes beautifully combine the advantages of window blinds with the traditional splendor of curtains. After all, it’s your living space so it should be as individual as you choose.

While many people have a talent for envisaging exactly how they’d like to dress their windows, you can’t beat the help of a professional service. Experts who specialize in the field of interior design can bring ideas to your attention that you might not have even considered. They can also put together mockups, such as CAD drawings, that will show you exactly what a certain pattern, style, or combination will look like in your particular setting. 

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