If you’re on the lookout for window blinds, the first step to take is to make a note of what kind of doors you have or which doors you want to have. Knowing this will help you determine what type of blinds will best suit your needs.

There are plenty of practical tips to consider when you’re considering what types of blinds or window treatments you want to go for. The colors of the room, the furniture you have and the layout of your room should all be considered when you are looking at what types of window treatments to go for.

Let’s take a look at some of the common types of doors and some effective blinds to go for:

French Door Blinds

French door blinds are typically mounted outside the window frame; sometimes, this can cause an issue with French door blinds is that they can get in the way of functionality. The solution for this is to buy blinds for your French doors that fit comfortably between the door and decorative handles.

A cutout may be required in your window treatment to clear the door handle or doorknob. Shallow blinds are also worth considering as these will fit comfortably between the door and door handle. 

Sliding Glass Door Shades

Sliding glass doors are a great addition to any home. They can provide easy access to the outside, allow you to peer out onto your garden when you’re enjoying your morning coffee, and provide plenty of natural light for your home. 

When you’re looking at blinds or shades for your sliding glass door, it’s good practice to consider the color of the blinds you’re going to pick. If you have window treatments on your windows or in other parts of the room or your house, you may want to have the colors matching. 

Sliding panels and vertical blinds are both good options to consider if you’re looking at window treatments for your glass door shades. 

Front Door Shades

Front door windows can be tricky to find effective window treatments for. More so than sliding and french doors, front door windows can come in all different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right window treatment for your front door windows will allow you to control the light that’s entering your home. 

Aluminum blinds can be a useful option for front doors; they are usually inexpensive and don’t take up too much space. If your front door has long and narrow windows, then consider cellular shades, roller shades, blinds, and shutters all work well for this shape of the window. 

Your front door may also have sidelight windows around them, and privacy is an important consideration to consider with skylight windows. Wood or faux wood blinds can work well for skylight windows and will prevent unwanted lookers from peering into your home. 

Regency Shutters Are Here to Help

If you need some guidance on which window treatments would best suit whatever doors you have, get in touch with Regency Shutter.  All designs are readily customized to your exact requirements and are designed to let as much natural light into your home as you require. 

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