Home design is an area we can all embrace to fashion an environment that’s an extension of our own personality—not to mention creating our own private sanctuary. Of course, there’s a never-ending variety of ways to upgrade a room if money is no object. But for most of us, we have to be aware of every dollar and cent.

But never fear, because a wonderfully cost-effective method that provides a dramatic interior makeover is a bespoke window treatment.

Sure, some can be expensive (but, on the flip side, a real investment that lasts for years) however, there are also value-for-money ways to upgrade your windows that will still create the stunning look you desire.

Window Decals

Window decals are an inexpensive option that will completely transform the look of a room. There are many, many different patterns and designs available, and are a wonderful alternative to other methods of covering glass. Decals are also quick to install, and can be as individual as you are.

Choose colors and/or designs that match your furniture or select some bright shades to make a signature statement in a neutral colored room.

Art Screens

The boho amongst you might be tempted by the thought of using art-inspired screens as a window treatment. From the simple to the complex, the use of window space to display artwork of any kind not only maximizes the flat wall areas within a room but provides a dazzling effect as the natural light can be used to illuminate the piece. 

White or Dark Wood Shutters

Window shutters are a classic, practical, and stylish way to completely transform a room. White shutters provide a fresh and clean aspect that never goes out of style, not to mention lasting for years. Dark colored shutters are beautifully traditional and work well in rooms that have plenty of natural light. 

Such shutters provide great privacy, plus work well to keep out UV rays in hot climates. Such wood plantation shutters can be custom made to fit even the most awkward size of windows and are a great investment that genuinely increases the value of your home.

Bamboo Blinds

The simplicity of bamboo blinds can work well in many different scenarios. They contrast beautifully with neutral color schemes and are a great option in smaller areas. These blinds can also be teamed with full-length curtains to create a breathtaking effect, especially in areas that benefit from sunlight streaming through the windows.

Bamboo blinds offer a low-cost, yet vivid expression that, with clever accessory use, can help bring about a complete room makeover at the fraction of the price of other window treatments.

Regency Shutters & Shade is a South Florida based window treatment specialist who can advise on all the different options available. From motorized shades and blinds to fabric drapes, plantation shutters in wood or poly, as well as custom-made solutions for any size or shape windows, their friendly team will be delighted to have a no-obligation chat to further discuss your requirements.

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