It’s a new year, which means lots of people are looking to sell their home and move. One of the biggest challenges of moving is the process of selling your home. When trying to sell in the competitive housing market, it’s important to make your home stand out. The more eye-catching benefits your home has, the more likely it will sell quickly and at the price you want.

Home window treatments increase both home value and demand, which will make selling your home a piece of cake.

Energy Efficient

Having an eco-friendly home is a huge catch to any buyer. Everyone wants a home that not only saves them money but also benefits the environment.

With window treatments, such as Plantation Shutters or solar shades, you can easily keep your home cool, without wasting a lot of energy. Your buyers will be both impressed and relieved to know that their new home will be saving them money.

Cover Up Mismatched Windows

Every home has that one window that stands out as misshapen or oddly placed compared to the other windows in their home. Maybe the window has a view of a brick wall or is in a spot where it lets in too much light.

You can add shades, drapes, or shutters to cover the odd window shape or view that you may not want buyers to see when they are walking through your home.

Stylish and Timeless Appeal

When trying to sell your home, it’s important to have an appealing atmosphere to grab your buyer’s interest. Your home should have the right amount of lighting and style to look it’s best.
One classic and stylish window treatment is plantation shutters. They come in several shapes and colors that will match your home’s décor and style.

If plantation shutters aren’t what you’re looking for you can also consider Roman and solar shades. When buying shutters or shades, it’s important to add your sense of style by adding drapes to your windows as well. Pairing drapes with shutters or shades only enhance the look of your house.

Ready to Increase the Value of Your Home?

Investing in window treatments is the right choice to make when selling your home. At Regency Shutter & Shade, we are here to help find you the perfect window treatment that will sell your home quickly. We offer a wide variety of custom shutters, brand name shades, and custom draperies at affordable prices that fit your budget, including motorized shades for maximum comfort and privacy. No matter your needs, our team is here to help.

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