Your 5 Best Black Window Treatment Options

Black has always looked stunning, and right now, we’re seeing them a lot in window frames. It seems designers and homeowners are turning to the dark side, literally. 

While black window frames have been used in industrial settings for a long time, they’ve become more popular. This year, it’s forecasted that people will embrace more moody and dramatic tones that blend well with wood and natural elements. 

You can opt for window frames that are black outside and white on the inside. Meanwhile, you can also get window frames that are black inside out. They give a nice contrast against white farmhouse-style interiors. And if you have a minimalist home, they also work well against clean lines. 

Why Are Black Windows so Popular?

There are several reasons why black window frames are a top choice for homeowners these days. These include:

  • High Contrast

Black window frames look stunning set against creamy, white walls because they give a higher contrast. The overall result looks like the windows frame your outside views like an artwork.

  • Modern Feel

Black window frames look chic and are an excellent choice if you want a sleek, modern feel for your space.

  • Timeless

Black window frames may be on-trend, but they are generally timeless if they blend well with your aesthetic. Whether you have an art deco, modern, California mid-century, or minimalist interior design, black window frames can accentuate these styles effectively.

Best Black Window Treatment Options 

If you’re considering black window frames, you may be wondering, “Do I need black window treatment?” 

Well, having black window frames indeed gives homeowners the option not to have window shades or curtains, as the frames are already a focal design element. But window treatments are still essential for privacy and energy control. 

Installing window treatments for your black windows won’t take away from the latter’s style, as long as you go for certain types that complement the frames. Here are our suggestions: 

  • Roman Shades

Black windows against stark walls could give too much of a contrast, and one way to tone this down is to install some neutral roman shades. Our solar screen shades, for instance, are perfect because they come in warm hues. These roman shades let natural light into your space while blocking harmful UV rays that affect your skin and damage your interiors. 

  • Drapes with Black Patterns

If you’re a fan of volume and drama, consider adding curtains as a window treatment for your black windows. These are low maintenance and can improve the flow of your space. You can opt for a customized fabric curtain with black geometrical patterns and black lining. 

  • Roller Shades

Another window treatment you can consider for your black window frames is roller shades. You could go black here, again in keeping with the high-contrast look against your light-colored walls. But there are really no rules—neutral or white roller shades will also look elegant.

  • Fascia and Shades

You can also consider installing fascia boards over the shades. These boards can be painted black, then your shades can come in a lighter color. The fascia board adds depth and conceals the roller mechanism at the top of the shade. The look won’t be too dramatic, but it still conveys elegance through your black window frames and board.

  • Go Sheer

Aim for an almost translucent look with some sheer roller shades. One option is to get roller shades with alternating bands of opaque and sheer material that control the light coming in. There are also roller shade options with a full sheer design, which offers an almost gauzy look to your windows. Both can achieve a more open, airy look than black roller shades.

Ready to get started on enhancing your black window frames? Here at Regency Shutter & Shade, we can create your own customized black window treatment. We have a wide array of options that will bring ventilation, privacy, and design to your black window frames. Our advanced computer technology can keep all measurements accurate, and we always work to ensure that your style preferences reflect what window treatments you’ll have in your space. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

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